Automate your Gaming, VFX, or Production Speech Animation pipeline.

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Human-Like Speech & Animation

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LipSync and FaceSync animations that are backed by state-of-the-art AI research, allowing you to truly bring your characters to life.

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Reduce production costs

Quickly and easily preview how the LipSync and FaceSync animations will look on your characters using the Desktop App. Then generate the animation files, and tweak to your liking.

Free your artists

No matter how many characters you have, our API and pipeline integration means you can render as many animations as you need, with no manual animation required.

Natural LipSync + FaceSync

Generate human-like lip, tongue and micro expressions that accurately represent your speech audio and script.

Adapts to your Rig

Our technology provides blendshape values for your desired rig. ArKit, UE MetaHumans, Reallusion...

Automate your pipeline

Just input your deired audio or transcript, and LipSync will generate natural speech animations for you.

Multiple languages

Generate animations in English, Chinese Mandarin, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian. Or let us know if you need a different language!

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Instant animation for your characters...

...with our SYNC.AI Hybrid Engine

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Input text or audio...


Just input a transcript and LipSync will generate a Text-To-Speech voice as well as the animation

Speech Audio file
Speech audio FIle

Use your own audio clip to generate the animation, and LipSync will adapt to your audio

LipSync Hybrid Engine
Lipsync hybrid engine

Our engine uses state of the art  AI technologies to calculate realistic animation curves

Animation curves for your blendshapes
animation curves

Take the blendshape animation curves and apply them to any of your own FACS based  characters.

Integrate to your real-time pipeline...

Open-world game
Open-world game

Integrate the animations straight into your pipe-line to render your characters in real time

...or Animate your 3D character

Animated Character
Animated character

Render a video your character speaking your audio or script, ready to go

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