Creating a new form of interaction with intelligent Multi-Modal solutions.

Emotech is one of the world's leading AI 2.0 technology companies, we combine Machine Learning with Speech Recognition and Computer Vision.


Our engine is capable of generating natural speech animation data from text or audio alone, which can reduce the workload of 3D animation editing

Automatic Lip and Face Expressions

  • Drive accurate lip, tongue, and jaw animation for teaching pronunciation.

  • Save time and overcome motion capture limitations  in your 3D model’s facial animations.

  • Use it on Digital Avatars to improve your customer service with the most realistic face expressions.

Our Spatial AI improves Positioning Accuracy by 50%

Multimodal sensing can minimise the impact of errors in single modal sensors, significantly increasing the accuracy and performance of the system.

Accurately understand the presence and location of individuals, as well as observe what is happening.

Spoken Language Assessment

Accurately analyse oral ability in multiple dimensions based on sound data and facial movement. Then distinguishes users with different levels of spoken language skills.

Pronunciation Assessment
Pronunciation Assessment

Assess oral ability based on sound data and facial movement.

Fluency and Rhythm
Fluency and Rhythm

The periodicity of beats in speech and the smoothness of the delivery.

Speech clarity (pace, volume, pitch)
Speech clarity

The quality of speech transfer.

Non-verbal Communication
Non-verbal Communication

Facial expressions, loudness, and tone of voice.

AI for Digital Humans

Powering Digital Humans with the most realistic AI driven speech motion from gaming to customer service.

Free your artists by automating your gaming, VFX, or production Speech Animation pipeline.

AI and Education

The World’s First Multi-Modal AI Education Solution for schools, teachers and English learners.

Multi-lingual Speech Recognition

Efficiently process your internal speech data, whilst breaking down language barriers. Whatever your needs, our speech platform can be tailored to you.

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