Innovating on speech with state-of-the-art technologies since 2014.

Our varied range of speech technologies can be used in different use cases and adapt to your business needs.

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Speech Analysis

Speech Recognition

Speech Synthesis

Speaker identification

Assign an ID to each speaker in an audio clip so they can be recognised by name.

Language Identification

Identify the language that an audio clip is being spoken in.

Pronunciation Assessment

Accurately analyze oral ability in multiple dimensions based on sound data and facial movement.

Speaker diarization

Split an audio clip into tracks for when each speaker is talking.

Speech quality estimation

Determine which parts of an audio clip are speech and which parts are noise.

Voice profiling

Identify gender, height, and other features across different speakers.

Speech/Non-Speech Detection

Determine which parts of an audio clip are speech, and which parts are noise.

Real-Time Streaming Transcription

Create a transcript of a live audio stream in real-time.

Long-clip async Transcription

Transcribe long audio clips in real-time.

Speech Synthesis

Create speech audio from any text in real-time.

Voice Cloning

Need a specific synthetic voice? We'll clone your voice samples to create a realistic custom voice.

AI for Digital Humans

Powering Digital Humans with the most realistic AI driven speech motion from gaming to customer service.

Free your artists by automating your gaming, VFX, or production Speech Animation pipeline.

AI and Education

The World’s First Multi-Modal AI Education Solution for schools, teachers and English learners.

Multi-lingual Speech Recognition

Efficiently process your internal speech data, whilst breaking down language barriers. Whatever your needs, our speech platform can be tailored to you.

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